Addressing all levels of an organization, from the individual to the team to the organization as a whole, we offer a range of tools to enable organizations to navigate the complexities of leadership.  Contact us to learn more about the xLEAD offerings which can help your organization meet its leadership development needs and goals.



The x360 is a psychometrically-validated, fully online survey developed to provide feedback to global leaders. The "x" in x360 stands for the importance for leaders operating in a rapidly changing world to be externally active. Leaders need to reach out to understand a changing context, to learn from others, to create networks of collaboration and execution, and to create a vision that energizes multiple constituents. This external outreach complements the creation of strong, supportive bonds and clear plans within the team.

Our leadership model draws from "distributed leadership"--the idea that effective global leaders are not only great individual leaders, but also leaders who develop and support leaders at all levels. Collaborating with others, they create a culture of learning whereby all team members feel free to contribute.

The x360 includes 3 Building Blocks: the Adaptability Quotient, five capabilities (the 4-CAPS+), and Effectiveness scores. The Adaptability Quotient provides a composite index of the traits that enable you to shift and adapt to an exponentially changing world, the 4-CAPS+capture what you do as a leader, and Effectiveness measures the impact you have. These measures build on the work of Deborah Ancona, Wanda Orlikowski, Tom Malone, and Peter Senge at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Henrik Bresman at INSEAD, as well as many other scholars doing research on leadership effectiveness.

Currently available in English and Brazilian Portuguese. Additional languages may be available upon request.

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Created by xLEAD, in conjunction with Prendo and INSEAD, and based on the xTEAMS model, xCHANGE is a quick-turn, software-based leadership simulation which develops change leadership, influencing and innovation skills ideal for change managers, innovation leaders, general managers and project leaders. Whether organized in a physical classroom or in an online, virtual format, participants are presented with a challenging mission in an intense yet risk-free environment. 

Currently available in English, French, and Russian. Additional languages may be available upon request.

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Impact your entire organization with a tool that fits in the palm of your hand.  The xLEAD Distributed Leadership playing cards are an interactive way to help teams evaluate and discuss organizational changes. The 21-card deck contains exploratory exercises for gaining insight into the leadership culture of your organization, while giving teams a common language in a safe and thought-provoking environment to identify strengths and discover areas of opportunity for their changing organizations. Featured in the Harvard Business Review Webinar, the xLEAD Distributed Leadership cards are an effective training tool for businesses of any size and in any industry. 

Currently available in English, Chinese, and Russian. Additional languages may be available upon request.

xLEAD Distributed Leadership Cards
xLEAD Distributed Leadership cards

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