xCHANGE Simulation: 
Report Training Guide
For Facilitators Only.

This is a guide to how to use the Report, with overall explanations and guides to every specific section of the Report.

















Manage Teams


Opinions - All

Score Evaluation

Adopter Evolution

Action History

Opinions - One Team

Score Adopter Evolution


Section 1: Login


click on the link at the bottom of the email with the workshop passwords, e.g.



click on e.g. http://lilac.prendo.com/report-xchange/

and then enter your Report password, as indicated at the bottom of the list of passwords.

The Report updates in real time, as participants progress in the Simulation, but the facilitator always needs to click on the web browser's “update” button to see the latest data.

More than one person can log on to the same Report at the same time, since all you are doing is looking at a set of data, not changing it.

Click the 'Manage Teams' button to see which teams are logged in, hide specific teams from being displayed in the reports, or edit team names.

The "?" button on each page of the Report will open a new browser tab with the guide page corresponding to the Report.



Section 2: Overview

The xCHANGE online reporting tool tracks the decisions, actions, and results of users. The Report is an essential instrument for reinforcing the learning points, making it easy to identify mistakes, show effective or ineffective strategies and to explain in detail the outcomes of each team.

The reporting tool gives insight into the inner workings of the Simulation model, providing transparency about the why and how of the different results. The report differentiates the simulated experience from an equivalent real-life experience, making it possible to show cause and effect.

The Report data is organized in a clear and logical manner, from general overviews to analyses of specific aspects, so that a trainer can “drill down” through several levels of detail.

The report is used:

  • during the simulation event to monitor what teams are doing

  • after teams have completed the simulation, as a key part of the debrief



Section 3: Home

After logging into the reporting tool, the first screen which opens is the Report "home" screen.


This shows 8 buttons, which each access a different report.

Reports are of two types:

  • data for all teams (e.g. "Summary")

  • data for one team at a time (e.g. "Action History")



Report Home.png
Section 4: Manage Teams

If you click on the ‘Manage Teams’ button at the bottom left of the 'home' screen, you can:

  • modify the team names (e.g. "team#1") and save the new names (e.g. "mika tom laurence") before, during, or after the sessions have been run.

  • hide any teams if you do not want them to appear in the report by selecting No in the “Include in report?” column



Section 5: Summary

The Summary report shows the following for all the teams:

  • Date - the current day number (from 1 to 100)

  • Resources / Market Fit / Coordination - the current state of the 3 'product' or 'innovation' parameters

  • Overall opinion score - an overall weighted score, obtained by combining all the stakeholders' current opinion scores (e.g. "65%"), weighted by each stakeholder's respective 'importance'

  • Number of adopters - how many stakeholders have reached 100%



Summary Report.png
Section 6: Opinions - All

For all the teams, this section shows the following:

  • Each stakeholder's current opinion, ranging from 'NA' up to 100%

  • Overall opinion score (same as on summary report)

  • Number of adopters (same as on summary report)



Oponions all.png
Section 7: Score Evaluation

Shows, for all teams, how their 'Overall opinion score' has evolved since the beginning of the Simulation.



Score Evaluation.png
Section 8: Adopter Evolution

Shows, for all teams, how their 'Number of adopters' has evolved since the beginning of the Simulation. 



Adopter Evolution.png
Section 9: Action History

For one team, shows the complete history of that team's actions, and the consequences of those actions.

Move the mouse over the 'OUTCOME' column to see the description and learning point that was shown in the Simulation just after the action in question.

Click on the 'plus' button above "Overall opinion" to see all the individual stakeholders.

All the columns to the right of 'OUTCOME' show the respective value of:

  • stakeholder opinion

  • innovation parameter

If that value changed from the previous day.


The final 4 columns show when these 4 documents were 'uncovered' on the tablet.



Action History.png
Section 10: Opinions - One Team

For one team, shows the current opinions of all the stakeholders, in the form of the organization chart.

A green check mark indicates that this stakeholder has adopted the innovation.



Opinions one team.png
Section 11: Score Adopter Evolution

For one team, shows how their

  • 'Overall opinion score'



  • 'Number of adopters'

have evolved since the beginning of the Simulation.



Score Adopter Evolution.png
Section 12: Debrief

For one team, shows the debrief messages entered in the debrief window within the Simulation.




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