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xChange Simulation

An immersive learning experience designed to cultivate the leadership skills teams need to innovate and thrive.

building strong teams and cultures

Exponential, unpredictable disruption is a constant in today’s most dynamic industries. To maintain a competitive edge, organizations must be more agile by empowering leaders at all levels to spark innovation and initiate strategic change. This new model calls for teams which are highly nimble, adaptable, and collaborative— with the expertise to bring stakeholders across an organization together to successfully execute meaningful transformation.


Our xCHANGE Simulation delivers exactly this: a one-of-a-kind, realistic business environment that captures the challenges of transformation and teamwork with the hands-on tools today's leaders need to drive meaningful change within an organization.


xCHANGE is based on the well-researched, externally focused team model—the xTEAM—pioneered by Deborah Ancona at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Henrik Bresman at INSEAD. Developed in partnership with INSEAD and Prendo, xCHANGE allows participants to confront a challenging mission in a safe, experiential learning activity to hone the essential cognitive, emotional, and strategic skills that are necessary to lead rapid innovation and build high-performing teams.

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Why Xchange?

xCHANGE is a quick-turn, web-based simulation that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing leadership development program content and offerings.

Modern and dynamic user interface 

Synchronous team learning

Asynchronous, individualized learning

Autosave functionality

Real-time dashboard

Enhanced reporting

Session format flexibility

xCHANGE is currently available in English, French, and Russian. Additional languages may be available upon request.

Key Benefits and Outcomes

More than 90% of participants give high satisfaction scores for programs running the xCHANGE Simulation. An authentic learning experience ideal for any team in a fast-moving context, participants will:

Learn how to formulate and execute a change strategy in a risk-free environment

Build skills to motivate, align, and lead teams through significant change

Understand how to effectively use formal and informal influencing tactics

Develop communication strategies for productive stakeholder engagement

Explore how to navigate organizational culture and politics

Learn how to execute the x-team model of innovation

xCHANGE Simulation Highlights

Our Approach to Building Better Leaders

xLEAD redefines how individuals, teams, and organizations should adapt to an exponentially changing world.
We combine powerful learning content based on decades of research and experience, insightful products and technology, and expert coaches and facilitators to empower the next generation of global leaders. 
Our tools provide a framework for leaders to build more dynamic and innovative teams, be more externally active, and create intentional networks of collaboration and execution.

"Your simulation has had a profound impact on my approach to surviving in organizations and also helping startups think about their go to market strategy. Now that's real education!"
2023 INSEAD eMBA candidate and xCHANGE participant

More Tools from xLead

For leaders at all levels, our offerings provide the building blocks teams and organizations need to advance their leadership development goals.

Program Participants
  • Innovation leaders

  • Senior leaders and executives

  • Managers at any level

  • MBA and eMBA candidates

  • Project leaders

  • Intact teams

  • Change managers

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