Technical Environment Test Instructions


Please do these tests:

a) on the same PCs that will be used on the day of the class
b) in the same room(s) that will be used on the day of the class


On all of the computers that will be used by participants:

a) load the simulation player and do a quick 5 minute tech test to ensure everything is working


On each computer:

a) make sure the sound is on and set to approximately 50%

On the player login screen:

a) select the server name:   XXXX (see email)

b) enter password:   XXXX1234 (see email)

c) click LOGIN


You will enter a simulated office environment and hear a 'tick' sound. You should then:

a) click on the blue "+" on the smartphone (to open the ACTION CHOOSER)

b) you will hear 4 days 'tock' by (on the wall calendar)

c) you will see and hear a feedback message in a white cloud-shaped bubble

d) click OK and you will see and hear a sequence of updates on the org chart and clipboard

e) click on the X in the bottom right corner and then YES to quit




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